Thursday, 31 July 2014

Angle Hunt with iPads

We've had our iPads for 6 months now and confidence was high. Time to let the little angels run free and see what they could produce...

The Angle Hunt

Our activity was to use our iPads to photograph different types of angles that we could find in the playground


to put the picture together in some form of presentation. This bit was left open-ended - I knew the kids were familiar with a variety of different aps such as Explain Everything and Educreation. I wanted to see what they would come up with.

The aim was not so much the identifying angles part - this had been covered last year in Year 4 - it was more about the application of technology.

So they paired up and headed out the door...

What We Produced

Here are a few examples of what we did:

Only found 3 examples but they were correctly identified

Here we can name the angles and give the degrees

And this one nicely represents the angles

All of these used the Explain Everything ap. Nice work and clearly presented. 

One other was done as a movie using Educreation:


 Nicely done!

So my curiosity was satisfied - yes, the kids can use their iPads to record their learning and - yes, they can identify some angles.


Mission accomplished. 


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