Saturday, 2 August 2014

T-chart for Polyhedra

Our exploration of shape moved into a new dimension today - the third dimension.

Yes - we were looking at 3D objects.

A great way to consolidate concepts is to construct a t-chart to highlight similarities and differences. This is what we did.

We took out the 3D models and, working in small groups, looked at the features and properties of the object in front of us. We took photos on our iPads, labelled them and discussed, faces, edges and vertices.

Once we were happy with this, we went and looked at a second 3D object for purposes of comparison. Using this information we constructed our t-charts:

A bit simplistic but covers the main ideas

A bit more detail on this one about how many of each type of face

Nicely presented

Love the contrast of using black

We had the conversation about the "bottom" face being called the base

Another very nice presentation

And of course there was also a movie made using Educreation...

And so another happy day "playing" with our iPads - and getting into some understanding of concepts that underlie basic geometry.

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