Monday, 13 August 2012

Year 4 Run The Marathon

What an awesome marathon!

...and what a great run from Uganda's Stephen Kiprotich! Inspirational!

And in Year 4 we were inspired to have a go and see how we would go. 

How far could we run (as a team) in 2 hours, 8 minutes and 1 second?

The Challenge

We have 98 kids in Year 4. If they all ran around the quad for about 1.30 minute we would do the equivalent of the marathon time run by Kiprotich.

So, we got organised and started the run, which went from 8.40am to 10.48am. 

The Results

  • the kids ran for 2 hours, 8 minutes and 1 second 
  • ran a total of 326 laps
And how did that compare to the Olympic runners?
  • we measured our lap of the quad to be 76m
  • so our total distance was 326 x 76 = 24 776m - a bit over half a marathon!
  • and our speed was 24.776km divided by 128 minutes multiplied by 60 minutes = 11.61375km/h

And then we calculated how fast Steve Kiprotich ran:

  • 42.195km divided by 128 minutes multiplied by 60 minutes = 19.76953125km/h
So our Year 4 team had done a great job, run over half a marathon and done it in a speed that made us really appreciate how fast those guys in London were running!

Seriously, how much of this did the kids do?

Seriously? Well, they did all the running.

And we led them through the calculations. A few would have got there with minimal help but it was interesting to explain how to do the calculations.

And I think one or two got the idea of the relationship between time, distance and speed.

And we all had some fun!

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