Wednesday, 22 August 2012

My Name is 6 x 7

Here's a great idea for multiplication facts

...and like any great idea it was stolen from another teacher (Mrs P-W, two rooms down) who found it on a web-site somewhere.

For the day, all kids in Year 4 were given a sticky label with a multiplication fact written on it - this became their new name for the day.

Here's 48 and 64....

...and 108 having a chat with 56....

...and 63 with 144!

We all had to use our new "names" for the whole day. It was a great way to get the kids to think multiplication and to remember a few of those harder facts.

Teachers also participated - I became Mr 42 (or 6 x 7). (Douglas Adams fans may see the significance)


  1. Can't believe I didn't make MYSELF 42 as well!
    Oh well... had a ball as 63.
    Thinking... what if we made them 60 x 7 next time?
    It'd get a really important skill in their heads...
    Just finkin'

  2. Nice idea, thanks for sharing - I'll be trying this one with my students when we go back for the new term.

  3. I love this idea!! I only have them 1 hour per day by 6th grade. But, they still don't know their 12's! So, I am going to laminate colored index cards, put two hole punches through them and then put string in it to make giant necklaces. They can wear them around their neck. They will be dry erase so every day they can be a new set of multiplication facts. I'll have them write a fact on their necklace that they are having trouble with. Thanks so much for the great idea!

  4. What a great idea! I am a Grade 3/4 Teacher in Hobart about to start some work on multiplication and division. Lots of great ideas on this blog, thanks.


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