Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Maths and the Year 6 Exhibition

Year 6 Exhibition - what's that?!

Our school operates under the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme (PYP). A key part of this programme is the Year 6 Exhibition, a culminating activity designed to demonstrate the awareness and understanding of the students of what they have learnt over their time in the PYP.

It involves group work.

It elicits deeper learning.

It is a transdisciplinary inquiry.

So I'm keen to see how our Year 6 students are going to use their maths skills and knowledge to explore this year's concept of "Conflict".

The Good News - I am a Mentor!

Each collaborative group finds or is assigned a mentor - someone who can help the group find their direction, clarify their questions and distill their message.

Fortunately for the group that I will be mentoring, I will have a special interest in how they explore the concept of "Conflict".

And, of course, how they use their maths skills as part of this inquiry.

The Bad News - I am a Mentor!

So look out team - you have been warned! I'm looking for something more than a column graph and a table of numbers. I'm hoping to see some creative and insightful uses of maths skills to underpin this significant inquiry into a big, big concept.

I'll let you know how the team and I get along as the journey unfolds...

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