Friday, 8 March 2013

Women in Maths

Happy International Women's Day!

And in recognition of this day, I thought I might post a few links to some sites that present biographies of and information about many great women mathematicians.

A quick Google search will get you to some of these:

Biographies of Women Mathematicians  

Wikipedia List of Female Mathematicians

Five Historic Female Mathematicians You Should Know - The Smithsonian 

Famous Women Mathematicians

Famous Women Scientists and Mathematicians

What would you do to get an education in mathematics?

Sonya Kovalevsky - married for convenience to get out of Russia and then tried everything she could to get acceptance in universities in Germany.

Mary Somerville - her parents disapproved of her learning mathematics so she had to read her maths books by candlelight. When her parents confiscated the candles, she memorised her texts.

Keep reading some of the texts in the sites linked above.

And have a great International Women's Day

Sonya Kovalevsky - an inspiration to all of us

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