Monday, 18 March 2013

Top 10 Geometry Songs


My Top 10 Geometry Songs


I didn't realise when I listed my Top 10 Mathematics Songs that I would alienate so many 
enthusiastic (and belligerent) geometers. The hate mail I received! 

 "Maths is more than numbers!"
"Give shapes a chance!"
And something unprintable about f(x) my own derivative.

To redress the balance and to restore harmony to the Math-iverse, I have listed for everyone, 
from all walks of Mathematics, my Top 10 Geometry Songs.

10. Another Pyramid - Elton John

Musical genius-come-mathematician EJ exploring the third dimension. 
And what do you buy for the man who has everything? 
Another pyramid...

9. Arc of a Diver - Steve Winwood

An exhibition of magestic beauty
 - unless of course it's Greg Louganis in the 1988 Olympics, 
in which case it would be the "#$@! of a diver"

8. I Walk the Line - Johnny Cash

Don't think that Johnny ever walked in many straight lines but it is much easier 
to sing about than "I walk in a random, irregular fashion 
following no single purposeful direction"

7. Come Up and Be a Kite - Kate Bush

Not sure what Kate was getting at here but I'm pretty sure there 
would have been a funky dance to go with the song

6. Parallel Lines - Kings of Convenience

I've never heard of these guys but they are probably part of some underground alternative Geometry network, pursuing a passion for all things linear - and the song's not bad either


5. Shine On You Crazy Diamond - Pink Floyd

A classic psychedelic 70's prog-rock tribute to quadrilaterals


4. Straight Lines - Silverchair

An arty homage to Piet Mondrian that has been ruined by 
too many covers on "Idol" 

3. Will the Circle be Unbroken? - Nitty Gritty Dirt Band

 Well, obviously it will be unbroken because otherwise it won't be a closed shape, 
ergo not a circle anymore.
Sheesh! State the bleedin' obvious and dress it up 
as homespun geometrical philosophy

2. Bizarre Love Triangle - New Order

 A classic 80's expression of passion for three-sided shapes. 
Nothing bizarre about that.

1.  It's Hip to be Square - Huey Lewis and the News

 The theme song from the sound track for my life

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  1. All seems square with the world now.
    Good fix, Mr Fezz.
    Love the quips about each one.


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