Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Straight Lines Make a Curve

My son was in my classroom this morning.

Yes, he was finishing off an assignment.

Yes, it was due today.

Yes, he was given it weeks ago.

It's a boy thing, alright?

So, he was using one of those corrector tape things to draw lines and boxes on his poster.

Then he decided to write "The End" at the bottom using the tape as well.

"Hmm," thinks his wise old father, "I wonder how he will deal with the letter D. That one has curves..."

"Oh right!" I said. "A curve is a series of straight lines!"

"Well," he replied, "The Sydney Harbour Bridge is made up of all straight pieces of metal. There's no curved bits on it."

Of course! I knew this, didn't I? But to be reminded by my son was refreshing.

And then I did some searching and found a few images and things. Remember those drawings and string creations we used to make back in the 70s?

Here's a few examples to remind you...

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