Thursday, 4 May 2017

Symmetrical Patterns

One of the ideas the kids have been playing with in our pattern making sessions is "symmetry".

I want to show you a few examples of what they have come up with. This is pretty visual - I think the images speak volumes:

It might start quite simply...

...but it doesn't take long before we start to get more complex ideas.

And then we can head into the 3rd dimension.

And someone always has to go over the top...

But just making pretty patterns - do the kids really understand anything about symmetry? Have they learnt any real maths? Or are they just having fun?

So then, I asked them, what is symmetry?

And the kids told me:

- It is about balance.

- I look for the line of equal.

- I know if I put a bit here, I have to put the same bit on the other end.

Insightful 7 year olds. Love it. Pretty sure they have learnt something about maths today.

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