Monday, 8 May 2017

Change My Pattern

One of the activities we do with patterns is to change or build onto a pattern that someone else starts.

Firstly, each student makes a pattern using the materials provided.

Then they all stand up and walk around the circle until I say stop. And then they get to work on the pattern in front of them - adding to it, extending it and building on it.

This is very interesting because it means the students need to look at the new pattern, identify what it is doing, identify the unit of repeat and then modify it in a regular and repeating way. 

Here are a few examples of what we did today:

Adding C to an AB pattern:

Adding C and D to an AB pattern:

Adding D to an ABC pattern:

Changing the form of the pattern:

Changing the materials of the pattern:

Dealing with a very long unit of repeat:

Think this was going to trick someone? Think again! This student has identified the really long unit of repeat and has made some very interesting additions to the pattern. 

A great time in 2BF - well done champions!

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