Friday, 14 November 2014

End of Year Reports Wordle

As is my habit now, I have completed a Wordle using the text from my end of year reports.

Here's what my comments about my kids looks like:

 I've posted it in "extra-large" size - I know it will go off the page a bit but it makes it easier to see.

I'm glad to see words like IDEAS and ABLE and GOOD coming across strongly. Good to know that these are the things I talk about most often in reports - especially the "ideas" thing.

Next level down we have INQUIRY and KNOWLEDGE and WORK and LEARNING and UNDERSTANDING and DISCUSSIONS. This is an interesting group - lots about the learning process. Glad to know that I am commenting about that.

A few maths words jump out - NUMBERS and MULTIPLICATION and DIGITS.

Something I do notice is that a lot of the Learner Profile words, that describe the individual and how they approach learning, and words that describe attitude are very small - something for me to reflect on. Next time I will...

Give it a go - drop your report comments into Wordle and see what comes up.



  1. Wow. This is awesome but I'm almost scared to see what might come from mine...


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