Sunday, 28 December 2014

Bye bye 2014 - here comes 2015

So that was 2014. All done.

Lots of interesting things happened here at AIM, including the Maths in Sport interviews way back in January and the Maths in Dance series in July. I might go back and read through a few of them, they were good.

I have decided not to do a similar series this January but will be taking a break and having a family holiday, so things will be pretty quiet here at AIM.

My plan for 2015 is to change the look of this blog a bit. I'm ready for a bit of a new look so stay tuned for how it will evolve. 

I'm hoping to include more video and more student reflection - they are my two big targets for the coming year.

I will be teaching Year 2 in 2015 so there will be a noticeable shift towards that end of the teaching spectrum.

I also want to do some more of those interview series - perhaps looking at Maths in Music and Maths in Science.

Finally I am also hoping to engage with other classes out there and do some collaboration, particularly at the Year 2 level. I have one class in Melbourne lined up and ready to roll - the class of my (former) close friend and colleague Capitano Amazing (Richard Black) who has left the nation's capital and headed south. So if you are interested, get in contact.

My e-mail address is

Anyway, you all have a great holiday break and we will get back onto the blog sometime in late January.

Be good!

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