Tuesday, 13 August 2013

A Week of Maths at Radford

This week is National Science Week in Australia. The AAMT (Australian Association of Maths Teachers) has prepared a range of activities on their website for school to look at on National Mathematics Day (Friday this week). As this is also the International Year of Statistics, the activities are based on data and statistics.

Here at Radford, we have decided to make this a focus for our week. I have drawn on the AAMT resources and developed a set of Home Learning activities for all classes (P-2, 3-4, 5,6) to get some conversation going. 

Each day there is a "take home" activity looking at food resources around the world - it's transdisciplinary and international, two elements of PYP learning. 

Here's a sample of the Year 5-6 activities:

On Friday we are planning a "human graph" on the oval - based on the answer to the question "What fruit did you have for breakfast today?"

And while there is very little in the way of explicit number skills being drilled for "home learning" this week, there is lots and lots of thinking and talking about how we handle data.


  1. Why are years 5-6 given activities appropriate for years 2 or 3? Also, "affect" is spelled wrong.

  2. Thanks for the spelling tip - I always get that one wrong...

    When organising something across the whole school, we wanted to have something that different grade levels could share. The big point of differentiation is in the conversation afterwards. The process is as significant as the content.


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