Thursday, 20 June 2013

Report Wordle

I've just finished writing the half yearly reports for my class.

It's always interesting to reflect back on what I have written. Here is a Wordle I created of the comments that I wrote:

Interesting to see what words I use a lot - "good" seems to feature pretty frequently, as do "knowledge", "work" and "understanding".

I'm pretty happy to see words like "learning", "enjoys", "discussions" and "inquiry" up there as well.

A feature of our reports is the student comment. Each student gets to write their own reflection on the front cover, giving their own perspective on their learning over the semester.

I did a Wordle of their responses as well:

I'm really glad that "enjoyed" is the most used word in their comments. "Maths" is in there - along with "fractions", "dance", "art" and "inquiry". All positive signs.

Give it a go. See what your kids come up with.

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