Thursday, 22 November 2012

Race Around the World

You've probably seen that TV show where teams get to race around the world looking for clues and solving problems.

We today we did our Maths equivalent. It was a lot of fun. 

Here's the activities we included in the programme:

1. Throw a bean bag 3 times. Measure it. Add up all the measurements.

2. Find angles in the environment. Find 3 of each type - acute, right, obtuse, straight, reflex.

3. Find shapes in the environment - spheres, prisms, cylinders

4. Make your own 20cm ruler, indicating cms and mms. Use it to measure an exercise book, your teacher's wrist and a pencil.

5. Recite your 2x and 8x tables. Time them with a stopwatch. What is the difference between them in time taken?

6. Find a clock in a classroom. Draw what time it is. Convert this to digital time. Calculate how long until home time.

7. Sort out a load of coloured pencils. How many of each colour? How many altogether?

8. Count how many crayons in the big tub. How many would each class get if they were divided between the four Year 4 classes? How many of each colour?

9. Find 2 items that have a perimeter less than a metre and 2 that are greater than a metre.

10. If 7 is the answer, what is the question? Write some algorithms and word problems to match this answer.

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