Thursday, 29 November 2012

Mastering Math - The Musical

Sorry I haven't posted much about what's been happening in the class for the last week or so. We've been too busy to do much Maths - we're in rehearsal for our class assembly item.

On Friday we are presenting a play (with songs).

It is called "Mastering Math" by Ron Fink and John Heath.

It's going to be an epic performance - do the words "Ben Hur" suggest anything regarding the scale of the enterprise?

The first rehearsal we timed took 38 minutes and 6 seconds.

Yesterday's dress rehearsal went for 38 minutes and 6 seconds.

A spooky coincidence or perfect timing?

It's a great play (with 10 songs!) that teaches problem solving using 4 steps:

This is the model used in the play for Problem Solving

And it gives 6 problem solving strategies:

1. Guess and check

2. Work backwards

3. Draw a table or a chart

4. Act it out

5. Draw a picture

6. FInd a pattern

I strongly recommend this play. It's fun, it engages the kids and it has some great music.

We loved it.

"Mastering Math" is available through Bad Wolf Press at:

This post sounds a bit like an advertisement - sorry.

But I figure, when you find something that works, share it with the world. It is hard to find good plays and musicals that are at the right level for primary kids.

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  1. Yes, I think it's a matter of coincidences the 38 minutes and 6 minutes thingy. But I am so amazed of your activity presentation. How did you make it possible?


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