Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Tips for Successful Tiger Hunting

Introduction to Tiger Hunting

Many times I have seen enthusiastic tiger hunters come unstuck because they failed to follow a few simple guidelines. Please consider these tips before your next expedition.

1. Preparation is Everything

You don't want to be caught out in the middle of the jungle when you suddenly realise that you're not too sure which end of the twacker to hold. Practice the skills you are going to rely on until they are second nature. It's too late once the hunt is on. Also make sure you have all the kit you might need. You won't always be able to pop home for a jiffy to get another case of Pimms if you're caught short.

2. Carry More than One Tiger Catching Device

Don't rely on just the one solution to the tricky business of hunting a tiger. The successful tiger hunter carries a variety of useful devices and tools that he is able to employ in the many different contexts in which he will find himself. Be prepared to consider the challenge from multiple perspectives.

Remember, a big gun is not always the most effective tool.

3. Teamwork

Work together. Cooperate.

4. Some Days the Tiger Will Eat You 
(Some Days You'll Eat the Tiger)

Be prepared to admit defeat. Sometimes it is better to fight and run away but always remember
to return to fight another day.

5. In Conclusion

Inquiry in Mathematics should have many of the elements of a tiger hunt - the search for the mysterious, the excitement and adrenaline of venturing into unknown territory and the thrill of pursuing the elusive shadow - all without the profound calamity of driving to the brink of existence a noble and beautiful animal.

Footnote - There are no wild tigers in Australia.

They must have been hunted to extinction by enthusiastic mathematicians.

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  1. Love your work Mr Ferrington, sorry it has taken me until the holidays to finally get to look at your amazing blog- inspiring. Will you teach me how to blogspot?! Mrs J


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