Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Maths is… from Year 2

Well, we're back into it for another year.

This year, I am teaching Year 2 (that makes 5 different grades in 5 years - is that a record?) and I wanted to start the year with my favourite activity.

I gave the students a sentence to complete:

Maths is…

I'm always keen to get into their heads from the start, to see what they think about maths and to get some insight into their expectations.

Here's a few of their responses:

Good to see that numbers are a part of it.

And here is the idea of operations with numbers.

And a few more operations - subtraction, multiplication and division.

Addition, subtraction - and counting.

Now this is interesting! It's about questions and finding solutions.

And ultimately - FUN! Glad someone came up with that one.

Love the insight that kids have into some things. These guys are only 7 years old and they already have some pretty strong perceptions.

A Goal for 2015

Word is out in the school that if you end up my class, you are going to do a lot of maths.

Interestingly, a goal I have set for this year is to promote…


Yep - it's going to be a big focus. 

But yes - we will also being doing lots of maths. I don't think maths and reading are mutually exclusive. In fact, I think I can see ways to make them work together…

In fact, I've already been checking out a few blogs and websites that discuss literature relating to maths.

I really good one I found so far is:

Check it out!

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