Tuesday, 26 November 2013

My Report Comments Wordle

I've finished writing my class reports so I thought I'd do a Wordle of the Maths comments.

Here it is:

So, what does this say about me as a teacher?

Well - looks like some of our big topics this year were multiplication, fractions and decimals. Division is in there too. Hmm...lots about "number", what about the other elements of maths?

Knowledge, facts and understanding are all important.

There are a few positives in there - good, excellent, confident.

I'm a bit concerned that "practical" and "relationship" both get only a small mention. Why do I not make more comments about these aspects of learning? And what about patterns? Is that in there anywhere?

Try it yourself. Plug the text from your report comments into Wordle - see what comes out the other end.

Good luck!

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  1. About to do the same, Brucey. Love it. Keep up the great work, buddy.


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