Tuesday, 19 November 2013

If the world were a village of 100 people...

We are looking at "How We Organise Ourselves" - our transdisciplinary theme for an inquiry into our central idea: "The global marketplace and the distribution of resources impacts individuals and communities in different ways."

There are plenty of facts and figures out there to consider using the idea of the world's population being scaled down to 100 people. This was a great opportunity for us to use some of our maths skills to represent this data.

We looked at a few examples to "tune in" our thinking. Here are some of them:

And then we had a go at doing some of our own.

Here is what we got...

33 of the people in the village would believe in ghosts, aliens, witchcraft etc - how many of them would be 12 year old boys?

A great picture to show the distribution of males and females - and yes, we know the male and female signs are the wrong way round.

Unfortunate student with a broken arm was unable to draw a picture or graphic so he used a computer instead. I wonder how many of the 100 people in the village would have broken arms?

Only 77 of the people in the village would have shelter.

A great picture to show the access people have to clean water.

This was a really successful activity. It combined our knowledge of percentages in creative ways with our unit of inquiry. And it was fun.


PS - We had considerable discussion about whether it should say, "If the world were..." or "If the world was...." You will notice that the kids have written the later. Apparently this is incorrect. According to the Future Unreal Condition tense (Form 2) it should be written "If the world were..."

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