Friday, 22 February 2013

Kindergarten Number Patterns

Working with our buddies

Every second Friday we get together with our kindergarten buddies. It is a great chance for us to socialise with the younger kids in the school and to develop a bit of leadership.

And it is fun.

Finding patterns

In her book "The I Hate Mathematics Book", Marilyn Burns revealed a great secret and mystery...

"The password of mathematics is pattern." (pg 6)

And it's true, isn't it? If you can find a pattern, you are half way to finding a solution.

Today, the kindergarteners were finishing off some inquiry into patterns. They had used a great variety of objects to build their patterns - plastic toys, feathers, hats, blocks. 


We were able to sit with them and help them record their learning, writing down their patterns and having them explain what was being repeated.

It would be really cool to get the kindy buddies outside and hunt for some patterns out there in the big wide world. I wonder what they would find?

Four young men stepping out into the world to discover some mathematics.
Any patterns out there?

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