Wednesday, 24 October 2012

The Super Savers Supermarket!

Financial literacy (or numeracy) began in earnest today. The kids in Year 4 had been bringing in empty boxes, bottles and jars for a few days and we had a great collection of items for our own shop - the Super Savers Supermarket!

To make it even more fun, I have an old cash register that I acquired from my wife's pharmacy when they upgraded to a bar-code scanner system. We loaded up the register with play money and gave the kids instructions on how to work it correctly.

Then we went shopping!

 I organised a few introductory activities to get the kids into the swing of things. Each activity had a set of brief instructions and space for calculations and a copy of the docket.

Activity #1 required buying things for breakfast. The students were given $15 each and needed to record what they were buying, what it would cost and how much change they expected to get back. This needed to be done before they went to the checkout because:

1. they needed to know that they had not exceeded their budget

2. they needed to know that the shop keeper was giving them the correct change

 And this is how it looked when the activity was completed.

Additional activities include shopping for a picnic, buying snacks for school and getting something for afternoon tea.

So far the kids have shown they can use the cash register efficiently and they are becoming pretty good at counting out change.

It's going to be a fun time in Year 4 for the next few weeks.

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