Tuesday, 23 October 2012

The Price is Right

Do you remember this game show from back in the 80s and 90s? It was something my grandmother used to watch. Apparently it's making a come back on Australian TV.

This is great news for all young mathematicians - as this is a show with a heavy maths focus and some great activities for you to try at home or at school.

We did.

The Shopping Game

@CapitanoAmazing brought his class in from next door and we played the Shopping Game.

This is a great game from The Price is Right where the contestants have to try to arrange a set items in order from cheapest to most expensive.

We had a collection of common shopping items and laid them out on a table. All students had a sheet with pictures of the items printed on it so that they could make their predictions about what the order should be.

Next we picked volunteers from the audience to "Come on Down!" and pick the next item in correct order.

Finally, we revealed the correct prices of the items and showed the children the order they were meant to be in.

Lots of great fun, some interesting predictions and a great introduction to our current inquiry into money and financial literacy.

You can see in the background the whiteboard where we  brainstormed some ideas, sayings and songs about money as part of the introductory conversation. Then we began to group these ideas into common themes. This was a really valuable exercise for the kids to get thinking focused and tuned in.

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