Sunday, 29 July 2012

10% Off $748?

I was buying a new laptop for my daughter


It's her birthday and she had asked for a new laptop. I was very keen - it meant I could repossess mine that she had been using for school work.

So I'd been looking around for a few weeks and identified the one that we were happy with.

I went off to do the purchase and found the model we wanted reduced from $798 to $748. 


On finding the shop assistant. I asked him if I could purchase the said computer and he headed out to the storeroom to locate it. 
After a 10 minute delay, he came back and said the display model was the last one left but I could have it for a further 10% off.

Deep joy!

So we packed up the display model and headed for the checkout.

This is where the fun started.

So, what's 10% off $748?

Being unable to work this one out for himself, the young salesperson turned to the girl at the next register. They put their heads together and pulled out a calculator and a folder with instructions on how to work out a discounted price.

I was about to say, "It's $74.80 so the new price is $673.20." but I held my tongue to let them do the calculation.

"I'm not too good at this. I should have listened more in maths class," the young man said apologetically as he produced the final total.

Yep - the calculator agreed - 748 divided by 10 was indeed 74.8.

Relieved, the salesman rang up the new price on the till - $1496.

I pointed out that this was not quite correct and he made a few adjustments and said, "Oops - it should be $673.20."

As I was about to pay this amount, he stopped suddenly and said, "Hang on, now I need to take 10% off that, don't I?"

Probably could have got my daughter a $798 laptop for $605.88.

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