Friday, 3 March 2017

World Maths Day - Pattern Hunt

A few days ago I got a tweet from @prashanigamage wondering about ideas for World Maths Day. I suggested a "pattern hunt" - she suggested students write a book celebrating what they know about number.

I've put the two together - we have made a book about patterns we found in the school.

We started with our pattern hunt. Here are a few we found:

Here is an i-movie we made from photos we took in the playground:

We had lots of fun - so much fun that we ended up making a book about the patterns we found.

Here are a few excerpts from the book:

One of our climbing things has white, red and yellow balls on it.

We have some artwork in the playground.
This is a worm with consonant phonemes on it.

Our landscapers were creative with the placement of trees and seats.
Also practical, now that those trees have grown a bit and give us shade.

Our fencing has a regular number of bars on it.

Thanks again to @prashanigamage for the inspiration.

Our focus on patterns continues!

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