Sunday, 19 October 2014

I can't do this...yet!

You've probably read the many articles and pages written about the power of "Yet" - adding this small word to the end of "I can't do this..." make so much difference.

(Check out Carol Dweck on TedX or Janelle Monae on Sesame Street for starters.)

So I thought I'd make it real in my classroom. 

I printed out a stack of tags that look like this:

It's a Yeti - saying "...yet!"

The idea is for the kids to reflect on their work and if there is something they don't understand (yet) they can get one of these tags and glue it next to their work.

Very popular. I was overwhelmed by the response of the kids. Even those who I think really did understand, wanted to put one in their books!

So I have now made a second tag:

This is for when you DO understand what you are doing, when you do "Get it" and can demonstrate your understanding.

Reflection is such a powerful tool for learning.


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