Monday, 22 September 2014

Maths in Year 6 Exhibition 2014

Last week our Year 6 classes did their PYP Exhibition. It was amazing. Such a great opportunity for the kids to celebrate their journey through the PYP.

I am always keen to see how they will use mathematics. They never disappoint me with the creative ways they look at things.

So here are a few precious examples from last week.

The first thing I noticed was some clever use of infographics. The kids had been shown the Piktochart website and ran with it. Here are a few nice examples:

This group used an infographic to present results from a survey they did to find information about technology use and addiction.

 This group used their infographic to present information they found in their research

Other groups used "live" surveys to ask visitors to answer a question. They found some great ways to present their results that they built up over the Exhibition period.

This group was asking a big question about racism in sport...

 ...and they got respondents to place a pin with a football into the pitch to show their answer.

 The question of what to do with refugees - voting by marbles.

 I really liked this one. You got to put your vote in the balance scale and each ping pong ball had a positive message written on it.

This was a fund way to vote - and the kids loved it.

This called for a tough decision - which is a more significant problem: child soldiers or post traumatic stress disorder in returned service personnel?

The votes were cut into leaf shapes to represent a "tree of hope".
So once again I was very impressed. I hope you enjoyed seeing what the kids came up with.


  1. Thanks for sharing all of these wonderful examples, Bruce. I will be sure to share them with my students as they begin preparing for their Exhibition in February!

  2. These are excellent examples of authentic integration of math into the Exhibition. Thanks for sharing these. I will be sharing with other teachers in international schools in Germany at a conference in February. How much time did you spend 'teaching' Piktochart? Were there any other infographic apps you would recommend? I really like the idea of physical infographics too. If you do a google search for 'real life infographics' the images are really great examples of how you can share data.

  3. Hi Sonya - the infographics experience was more organic than actual "teaching" - the kids were the ones who located the relevant websites and ending up showing me how to make it work (things like change the colour of the background, add graphics, change fonts etc - so glad I had a few 11 year old to share their knowledge).

  4. I'm doing exhibition this year too! Awesome ideas!


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