Friday, 7 February 2014

Maths in Sport - After the Goldrush

It's been a busy week. The kids started back at school and I have been slightly distracted getting to know my new class. They are shaping up well - hopefully Mr Black (@CapitanoAmazing) didn't screw them up too badly last year and I should be able to put them back on the right track.

Back to the Chase

Anyway, I need to wrap up the "Maths in Sport" project that I have been conducting over January. It started out as an idea to put up something of interest over January, traditionally a bit of a low point in my blogging experience. 

This graph shows what happened. The low point (January 2013) is labelled as January 2012 but that is a Blogger glitch  The high point on the right in January 2014 - a bit of a change in 12 months.

But more than just boosting the number of views for the blog and cracking 6000 for the month, something amazing happened.

Or somethings.

1. I made contact with some amazing and inspirational athletes who freely shared their experiences with mathematics and discussed how this applies to their sports.

2. I developed a resource that is available for all to share, hopefully providing some knowledge, insight and provocation for learners interested in exploring the way maths helps us understand the world around us.

3. I opened up a way of thinking about maths that has got me questioning my own preconceptions and considering new options.

So, having completed "Maths in Sport", I have started contemplating what other "one-off" projects I might attempt:
  • Maths in Dance
  • Maths in Cooking
  • Maths in Health
  • Maths in Building
  • Maths in Reality
  • Maths in ....
So many options. Stay tuned, the future holds many possibilities...

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