Monday, 21 October 2013


To celebrate the 50 000th viewing of this blog, I thought I might post a few of the stats...

Date started:  2nd April 2012 

Days since start - 566

Average hits per day - 88.3

Number of posts: 138

Average hits per post: 362.3

Number of countries who have visited: 123

Biggest month: June 2013 (4912 views)

But none of this would have been possible without...

Richard Black - @capitanoamazing who challenged me to get going and keep going

Tina Landos - inspirational colleague and PYP legend

Paul Southwell - @PaulSouthwell my boss who lets me do some crazy things in the name of learning

Dan Meyer - @ddmeyer an man who understands the importance of making it real to engage the kids

Craig Dwyer (@DwyerTeacher), Jason Graham (@jasongraham99) and Steve Box (@wholeboxndice) - some great PYP teachers that I've met through twitter and the amazing #pypchat

Stephanie Adan - @stephyadan a young teacher with a huge future ahead of her

Sandra Ferrington - my incredible wife

and finally...

YOU - for reading these posts and finding something you can use in your classrooms.

Looking forward to another 50 000 visits!

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