Thursday, 14 February 2019

miniMATHS - 7. Make a Star

This is my favourite.

I know - you're not meant to have favourite children.

But this one is where it all started. This was my first idea for the miniMaths series of tasks. So I think I had given it more thought and probably used it as the benchmark for what I imagined the other tasks would look like.

And this one has real maths behind it. As you build up your star, you are adding a constant value to your pattern - one rock for each arm of the pattern. It is symmetry. It is an arithmetic sequence. It is pre-algebra. It is the connection between repeated addition and multiplication. And it is fun. It makes a cool looking pattern.

This task is linked to EYLF - Outcome 4, focusing on the disposition of the learner. The task itself is open enough to allow creativity and curiosity. It can be done as a collaborative and cooperative task. It can help students develop confidence and perseverance. 

Give it a go - it is a great task.

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  1. Perfect for our focus on Matariki (Maori new year) next month. Thanks Bruce.


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