Thursday, 24 January 2019

miniMATHS - 3. Same Same Different

This task - Same Same Different - is a fun game that children can play in many different contexts. It asks children to collect a set of three objects, two of which have a common feature that is absent in the third object. It is easy to see the potential for individual variation. And it also encourages children to think and to explain their thinking.

The suggested variations take the task into new places. "Same Same Same" asks the children to find common features in all three of their objects. "Different Different Different" turns the task upside down, requiring the children to identify differences between each of their objects.

And how is this task mathematical? Isn't it just a matching game? Well, at it's heart, this task is framing up some elementary concepts of algebra - finding common values, identifying sameness and difference, using logic and reasoning. These concepts are also important in numerical operations such as addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

One aspect of the EYLF Outcome 2 looks at finding similarities and differences between people. Sound familiar? Isn't this the overt purpose of this task, finding same and different? This task can provide an ideal opportunity to promote conversations about diversity and individual differences. 

In the context of play, children can be encouraged to consider deep concepts and to start thinking about their own place in the world. Their connection with and contribution to the world is significant and should be nurtured through positive learning experiences such as this.

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