Monday, 7 April 2014

Happy 2nd Birthday!

The blog has turned 2!

The first post on this blog was done on 2nd April 2012. A lot has happened since then, highlights including:

  • The Churchill Fellowship
  • The World Tour of Maths
  • The Maths in Sport series in January 2014
  • Getting a mention from Dan Meyer on his site in February 2013 that put a lot of people into contact with my page
  • Hearing from some amazing people out there doing amazing things, none of whom I have ever met face to face but all of whom I count as friends - including Stephanie Adan, Andrew Blair, Jason Graham, Craig Dwyer...the list goes on!
So, please celebrate with me on reaching this milestone - 2 years of blogging, 75 000 views from 135 countries, 170 posts....and lots of fun!

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  1. Happy birthday to this AMAZING blog. Thank you for continuing to inspire me and my students through your truly authentic Maths investigations.

    Stephy Adan


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