Friday, 25 January 2013

Puzzling World, Wanaka

Well, I'm back from my holidays and must say I had a good time. One of the highlights was:

Puzzling World Wanaka

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Good friend @CapitanoAmazing recommended Wanaka as a "must see" and we were passing that way so we stopped and had a look around.

We dropped in to Puzzling World for a quick visit on our 10 hour drive from Queenstown to Christchurch via Fox Glacier - and ended up staying for almost 2 hours.

The maze and the beautiful Wanaka scenery

Yours truly looking totally confused

We started in the maze - and yes, if it was a competition, then I came last. But I did get value for money, visiting most parts of the maze several times.

Found this sign several times

I tried the old "always turn left" strategy for escaping from a maze but it didn't work here - too many internal loops - and there were 4 towers you had to visit before you got out. Anyway it kept me entertained for a considerable time.

The other really interesting part of Puzzling World are the Illusion Rooms. I'm always keen on a good illusion and there were plenty here to explore.

One of those funky funky rooms that distort perspective

A nice reflecting image

And there was Winston - watching you as you moved around the room

Anyway, a great place to visit and lots to see. Certainly a place to take the kids if you are ever passing through the South Island of New Zealand.

The mandatory "Look, I'm holding up the building!" photo

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